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I am now a lifetime member!

I officially a life time member and I am proud. There are some great reasons to make that donation and become a member. Here is the list of the features:

For more details on becoming a member and what types of membership is offered check out the membership page.

Also, I now retract my previous statement about command history. Once I became a member that feature has been enabled. Woo hoo! And vi is actually vi, so I can continue to struggle as I learn that program. At least I can use pico if needed. Now if I actually looked at the features listed above I would have known this already.

Now to start having some fun in UNIX! Yes, I am geeking out.

The Start of the Journey...


I have been using Linux now for a few years but never had need to use UNIX until my current job. While most of our servers run on Linux, some customers require UNIX. Since our application side is identical on both UNIX and Linux I haven.t had much need to actually learn the different nuances that UNIX will have.

I was kind of hoping that vi would be the text editor as I would like to build my skills on that archaic interface of a text editor. I am almost disappointed that pico is the editor as I didn.t need a command cheat sheet to create this page. Oh well, I know vi enough to get by with work related issues. I guess that is also what my test vm is for.

One thing I miss right now is command history. I know some flavors of UNIX have the history command, SDF does not. That up arrow has saved my behind on more than one occasion. I will be the first to admit that is has been used as a crutch in actually remembering complex commands that are work related, however it does speed up workflow. Oh, and can't forget about tab auto-complete, I miss that too.

What will this site be about? Exactly what the title says, it will document my journey on UNIX. I will post anything that I have learned or have failed to learn here both for my amusement and to assist others in taking their first few steps in a UNIX environment. I also plan to work on my html/css skills with this site.

- BeltBoxington